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The things that you expect for most of the cruise ships casinos differ from each other. It all depends on the size of the cruise as well, and the games are also heavily dependent on them of the casino. In this article, we will be looking into the aspect of the things on expecting when on a cruise ship casino.

The types of machines and tables you might find

In most of the cruise ships, you cannot be sure of the fact of the games that might be present. Most of the cruise casinos will have some slot machines options and table games as well. Also, remember that when you are playing on a cruise ship, you are playing against the player and not the cruise. These games are not always available for all the cruise casino, and these games are baed of the New York cruise casinos.

The penny slots

Most of the times these cruise ship casinos have penny slots which offer many variations of ways which can be used to win. There is a 1% chance at the bet which can easily cost you $2.

The high stakes

This is not very common knowledge, but cruise ships do not offer high stakes at gambling. There are still certain ships which do offer high enough stakes which will keep you playing a high stake game. Also, remember that when you are playing on a cruise, the tables are limited, and you might not even get a chance.

Are there game tournaments in cruise casinos?

Most cruise ships will offer a lot of tournaments when it comes to slot machines and blackjacks. Most of the times there are other tournaments which can help you pay a certain amount which you can easily spend on the tournament. The winners in the tournament will get a lot of money and are also receivable for one or two free cruise trips.


It is important that one learns that cruise ships are only open when the ship is out in the sea. There are certain countries where gambling is permitted on a cruise ship. Also, there is another rule which does not allow people to gamble even on the ships. Most cruise casinos tend to stay open until 2 or 3 am. Always try to make sure that you check the schedules for the day’s casino hours.

The minimum age to play

Most cruise ships will allow you to hang out and play in their casinos if you are 18. There is still a lot of cruises which requires you to be 21 to be in a casino. You can easily check with the cruise about any restrictions that can stop you from playing.