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New York TimesEditorial Board
New York needs a great lawyer. We believe that Democrats who are seeking a means of standing up to the Trump presidency and graft in Albany can find in Ms. Teachout their most effective champion for democracy and civil rights, good government and the environment, workers’ rights, fair housing and gender equality.
Bernie SandersUS Senator (VT)
Zephyr Teachout is running an exciting campaign to transform the office of attorney general. I am confident that she will combat corruption wherever it hides and will be a strong and independent voice in Albany. Zephyr’s work to reform our campaign finance system demonstrates her commitment to ensuring that the government works for all people and not just the wealthy and the powerful. I know she will be fearless in holding accountable those who think they are above the law. Please join me in supporting Zephyr Teachout for attorney general.
New York Communities for Change
We know Zephyr Teachout will be a visionary, independent, and effective Attorney General who prioritizes tenant empowerment and housing justice. We’re proud to endorse Zephyr for Attorney General, and we will fight hard to help her win. Zephyr is committed to protecting tenants, and to fighting predatory landlords and developers who are displacing low-income people and people of color from their homes. She is the only candidate for Attorney General who has refused to accept campaign contributions from the real-estate industry. Zephyr is a progressive stalwart, and a proven fighter on issues that matter to low-income communities and communities of color. —Jonathan Westin, executive director
Ro KhannaCongressman (CA-17)
I am proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General of New York. Zephyr is one of the most thoughtful and bold progressive voices in our nation. Her enterprising run for governor of New York showed many of us how to take on the machine. Her brilliant policy mind, knowledge of constitutional law, and fearless tenacity make the ideal candidate to take on Trump’s lawlessness as the next NYS Attorney General.
Pramila JayapalCongresswoman (WA-07)
I’m so proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout for New York Attorney General. This position of Attorney General is one of the most important checks on a Trump administration that has been abusive to consumers and workers across this country. Zephyr Teachout is the only candidate who is not accepting corporate PAC or LLC money. She is one the nation’s leading anti-corruption experts and as Attorney General, she will make sure to protect voting rights and fight against voter suppression on every level. As Attorney General, I know she’s going to stand up for immigrants and be a strong progressive champion for Medicare for All and for taking on the for-profit companies that are driving healthcare costs up. Zephyr Teachout will never answer to anything but the rule of law, her conscience and the will of the people she represents.
John SarbanesCongressman (MD-03)
Everyday in Congress, I see the corrosive influence of big money in our politics. To fight back, we need to elect anti-corruption champions across the country and at all levels of government. Zephyr Teachout is that champion for the New York Attorney General’s race. Zephyr has spent her entire career fighting against public corruption, taking on entrenched special interests and speaking truth to power at every turn. I have had the pleasure of working with Zephyr to advance positive reforms and to build the political capacity to enact lasting change. If we are going to build a stronger democracy, we need to rally around leaders like Zephyr.
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezDemocratic nominee, 14th Congressional District
Zephyr Teachout showed long before the success of our campaign an unprecedented willingness to stand up to the powerful forces of big money in New York politics. That spirit of independence and strength of will is exactly what we need in an attorney general. Zephyr is the only candidate in this race rejecting corporate money, and for that I commend her and fully endorse her candidacy.
Ritchie TorresNew York City Councilmember
The candidacy of Zephyr Teachout uniquely captures the progressive spirit of our times. She has been a singularly principled and prescient voice for campaign finance reform. She has been at the forefront of legally challenging the presidency of Donald Trump, the most corrupt in American history. And she has laid out the clearest and most compelling vision for repairing the broken politics of Albany. As Chair of Oversight and Investigations, I know first-hand the value of independent oversight. Zephyr will bring to the Attorney General’s Office what New Yorkers deserve: the gold standard of investigative independence. It is with immense pride that I endorse one of the truly great reformers of our time.
Zephyr has been on the front lines with us for years, fighting for honest representation in Albany and for a truly progressive New York State Democratic Party. She was calling out the IDC for their disingenuousness before we even started the No IDC NY campaign to defeat them all at the polls. She has always been one of our movement’s greatest allies, speaking truth to power and fighting for real democracy. She was the first major candidate to endorse our entire slate of outstanding candidates, and she is carrying the fight with them to the finish line on September 13th. Zephyr does not back away from a worthy fight, and I know she will use that same grit and determination to hold Trump, Albany, big pharma, and bad landlords accountable. There is no one more qualified for this job than Zephyr, and it’s why we are so proud to be endorsing her to be the next Attorney General of the State of New York. —Gus Christensen
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
We’re proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout — she’s a bold progressive hero who has proven she will fight political and corporate corruption tooth and nail. As Attorney General of New York, Zephyr Teachout will be able to provide a powerful check on Trump’s rampant self-dealing practices. Zephyr Teachout literally wrote the book on fighting corruption, and with her expertise and track record, she is the right choice for New York’s next Attorney General. —Stephanie Taylor, co-founder
New York Progressive Action Network
At first, this was a difficult choice for NYPAN, especially for those of us who have a long relationship of support and collaboration with Tish James on many progressive initiatives. But in the end, we, along with many in the progressive movement, felt a deep bond to Zephyr, who has allied herself unconditionally and out of principle with a growing mass movement within the Democratic Party, led by fearless new leaders like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who has changed all the political rules and calculations for the better. Tish, on the other hand, has staked her political fortunes on an alliance with the old guard, like Cuomo, who has enabled the party of Trump to block most progressive proposals. In the end, the choice was obvious. —George Albro, chair
Dutchess County Young Democrats
Zephyr Teachout has a proven track record as an independent voice to end corruption in NYs. We need a leader to be a loud voice against the current federal administrations immoral, un-American, morally bankrupt policies and we believe Zephyr Teachout is that leader. We proudly endorse Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General of the State of New York. —Frank Mazzella, president
North Brooklyn Progressive Democrats
As a group devoted to building the power of regular people over big money, North Brooklyn Progressive Democrats seeks candidates uncompromised by corporate interests and machine politics. Zephyr Teachout, through her career of fighting corruption and her refusal to accept corporate donations, has proven she is that candidate in the Attorney General’s race. —John Guzek, president
East River Democratic Club
Independence from Wall Street and real estate interests is paramount for the next Attorney General. Our club is dedicated to the reversal of inequalities that have made life harder for the most vulnerable citizens of New York who don’t have the power that donors in the financial and development LLCs have. Zephyr is dedicated to justice in a way that few candidates for Attorney General would have the courage to be. We also believe that environmental justice is an issue of human rights and equality. As we continue to fight waste on our waterfront, we need someone with stated values to protect our air and water across the state. We need someone ready to fight on behalf of citizens over donors, which is why the East River Democratic Club is proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout to be the next NYS Attorney General. —Patrick Bobilin, vice president
New Kings Democrats
NKD’s membership enthusiastically voted to endorse Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General. We were impressed and inspired by her reform and ethics focused vision to change Albany. NKD was founded on the principle that it’s equally important to support both progressive and reform minded candidates for office, and we believe she is the embodiment of the change and spirit we need in State government at this crucial time. —Brandon West, president
Alessandra BiaggiState Senate candidate
Zephyr Teachout is a force to be reckoned with, and a proven advocate for the people of New York. As Attorney General, she will fight for all New Yorkers, stand up to Trump, fight corruption in Albany, protect consumers from corporate greed, and reform the criminal justice system. This is why I am endorsing Zephyr for Attorney General. I am looking forward to changing the status quo of the old boys club in Albany alongside her.
Jasi RobinsonState Senate candidate
I am proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout. She embodies the true qualities of an Attorney General: fighter, advocate and truth seeker. We need to support her candidacy on September 13.
Julia SalazarState Senate candidate
No one has done more to combat the toxic combination of money in politics in Albany than Zephyr Teachout, that’s why I’m so proud to endorse her for Attorney General. I know she’ll be the tough, honest Attorney General we need to clean up Albany, and I look forward to working with her next year to make sure New York State is governed by the people, for the people.
Tom AbinantiAssemblymember
Zephyr Teachout sees the big picture. She is an independent corruption fighter who is not beholden to big money or the political establishment – free to use her legal expertise to take on Washington and Albany. She gets it that those who the Attorney General may investigate should not finance the Attorney General’s campaign.
Julie GoldbergState Senate candidate
Independent from all corporate money and fearless in the face of corrupt politicians, Zephyr Teachout has been a constant ally in the fight for justice. The IDC has been preventing New York from being a truly progressive state for far too long, and Zephyr has been a commanding voice in calling out IDC hypocrisy. As a Fordham University Law professor, she is well versed in the language of the law and is the most qualified candidate for Attorney General. I fully endorse her candidacy.
Terry GipsonFormer State Senator
We need an Attorney General that’s not a member of the good ol’ boys club, someone with the expertise and guts to make government work for the people for a change. That’s Zephyr Teachout, and that’s why I’m supporting her has our next Attorney General.
Rachel MayState Senate candidate
Zephyr literally wrote the book on political corruption in America. She is one of the sharpest progressive legal minds in the country. Her entire career has prepared her to be an Attorney General that we can be proud of. She shares the same values as Central New Yorkers. We can see that in her commitment to reining in corruption, pushing for real election reform, and ending abuses in the criminal justice system. Zephyr will be a champion for everyday New Yorkers in a system that too often favors those with the most power.
Liz KruegerState Senator
Every day it becomes clearer that as Americans and New Yorkers we are suffering from a crisis of democracy. Powerful interests are spending millions of dollars to influence government and expand their bottom lines, drowning out the voices of regular people whose needs are ignored. Whether it’s affordable housing, workers’ rights, functional public transit, a livable climate, or sensible gun regulations, New Yorkers suffer when the dollar speaks louder than the vote. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General. She has the knowledge, experience, and independence to hold the powerful to account and make sure those in government serve the interests of their real bosses – the people of this state and this country.
Robert JacksonState Senate candidate
To create a New York that works for all of us, we need to elect a real progressive State Senate by defeating the IDC and elect leaders like Zephyr Teachout who will take on the tough fights for justice, fairness and equality. Zephyr Teachout is a corruption buster. In fact she wrote the book on corruption. She is smart, independent and has the tenacity, courage and determination to take bold actions and get results. I’m proud to endorse Zephyr today and look forward to working with her to help make New York the progressive leader it should and must be.
Zenaida MendezFormer President, NOW-NY
I am proud to support Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General because she has the faculty of understanding what New York State and the nation needs in order to bring back the power to the people. Zephyr is ready to take on the lawlessness, corruption, and bigotry of the Trump Administration; as well as ensuring that Albany political power is not concentrated in the hands of a few individuals or groups.
Roberta KaplanLGBT and civil rights leader, lawyer, and activist
We need an Attorney General who is first and foremost the strongest possible attorney for the people of New York — someone we can trust to be our advocate in courts throughout the nation. Zephyr, who has made it clear that she is 100% committed to being the Attorney General and does not see the job as a mere stepping stone to higher office, is clearly the best-qualified candidate to meet these unprecedented challenges head on.
Lawrence LessigHarvard Law professor
Zephyr Teachout would be an extraordinary Attorney General for any state at any time. She is a critical Attorney General for America right now. The Nation needs a strong and independent check on a dangerous and lawless President. The right Attorney General can assure even the powerful obey the law. Only a politically independent Attorney General can be trusted to do that work, regardless of the consequences for her. Teachout literally wrote the book on corruption in government. It is this knowledge that we need right now.
Shaun KingColumnist and civil rights activist
After analyzing the policy positions of all of the candidates for Attorney General of New York, the choice for me was easy. Today I am proudly endorsing @ZephyrTeachout! She’s going to hold corrupt politicians/prosecutors accountable & is the most fiercely independent choice. I trust her and will be campaigning for her.
Phil SteckNew York State Assemblyman, 110th Assembly District
Zephyr Teachout is the grassroots candidate and will have the independence to do the job and be the watchdog in Albany we need. Electing a constitutional law expert in New York during the time of Donald Trump could not be more fitting. And I myself practice in the area of civil rights law, so I know the real deal when I see it. Zephyr Teachout has shown she possesses fierce political courage. She has stood up to the status quo in Albany and the Trump Republicans in Washington. As a State Assemblyman who represents Upstate New York and a civil rights attorney, I am endorsing Zephyr Teachout because I know her only allegiance will be to the citizens of New York and the rule of law.
Muslim Democratic Club of New York
Corruption, mismanagement, and cronyism have plagued our state for years. It’s time for an AG who puts the interests of the people first. We are proud to endorse Zephyr Teachout because we know that she will be a brave, independent, and principled AG, who will use the law to clean up Albany and protect the communities under attack from a bigoted federal administration. —Tahanie Aboushi, president
Bill McKibbenFounder of 350.org
Rarely has there been a better match between a candidate, a moment, and a job. Given that were running out of time to fight climate change, let’s elect Zephyr Teachout now!
Jimmy Van BramerCouncil Member, Deputy Majority Leader, NYC Council
Zephyr Teachout is the Attorney General we’ve all been waiting for. She is principled, progressive and people powered. We can and must do better than the machine politics that have dominated our state for too long. Restoring democracy starts with better Democrats. In this moment when all seems lost, all things are possible. Zephyr Teachout represents the best of what we can be. I’m proud to support her.
Joseph StiglitzNobel Laureate, Economist
American democracy is in crisis. Monopoly power, political corruption, and the Trump administration’s attacks on our constitutional traditions have caused many Americans to lose faith in our political system. Zephyr Teachout is a candidate for New York State Attorney General who not only understands monopolies in the 21st century but also the Attorney General’s role as the people’s lawyer who defends our environmental and civil rights. This is why I am strongly endorsing Zephyr Teachout for New York State Attorney General. She possesses the legal expertise and the courage to act—a stance which will be felt throughout the country.
Robert ReichFormer U.S. Secretary of Labor, Economist
I’m supporting Zephyr Teachout for New York’s Attorney General because her expertise in fighting political corruption is appropriate to the tragic time we find ourselves in. I’m confident she’ll recruit some of the best lawyers in the country, and restore integrity and pride to this office.
Jennie DriesenCo-Chair, Progressive Women of Pelham
Zephyr Teachout has built her career on her excellent understanding of the intricacies of our legal system and has seen the many ways that system can be corrupted. Whether that corruption includes financial malfeasance by our elected officials, coverups by corporations turning a blind eye to sexual harassment claims, or promotion of policies in housing and criminal justice designed to result in increased inequality, Ms. Teachout is ready to take actions that will protect all New Yorkers. We welcome her voice and her tenacity as she helps to dismantle Albany’s entrenched culture of corruption.
Heather StewartEmpire State Indivisible
There is a seam in our society’s consciousness right now where light can get through. In NYS, this is defined in our Attorney General’s race and Zephyr Teachout is that light. She is tenacious in raising the complex issues of corruption up in purposeful ways,” said Heather Stewart of Empire State Indivisible. “We are at a time when the moral fibers of our values as Americans are being attacked at an alarming rate and political cynicism threatens to undo the optimism of New York’s engaged citizens. Teachout is the antidote to this wariness, as this office demands for someone well-informed, determined, hopeful and fierce, like her.

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