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Cruise ships can be a lot of fun. There are so many things you can do. However, not everyone wants to take in a show on the Ledo deck. Not everyone wants to hang out with new friends at dinner. Some people just want to sit on their deck(or in their room) and play some games online at a casino.

How do you choose the right casino?

That is the question that we will begin to answer in the content below.

1)The Availability

You have to check the jurisdiction when you are on the cruise ship. It also depends on where the cruise ship goes in and out of port. Are you going to be staying primarily in Canada? Are you going to be going to the states at some point? Will you be going to Europe during your cruise? This might sound strange to ask, but you never know how your cruise ship plans are going to go. You might be in the middle of a good game and have to put it on hold(new jurisdictions and everything). Check before you get on board that way there are no surprises.

2)The License

You also need to check on the license. The two go hand-in-hand, really. There is no way you can start playing an online casino(on a Canadain cruise ship) if there are no legal certifications available.

3)Money Safe

Is your money going to be safe when playing? It is one thing to be okay when you are playing in your own home. It is another thing to be on a cruise ship and has to question your money. Make sure that your money will be protected being deposited and withdrawn with your choice of online casino. Most people use things like Visa and Mastercard when playing. Some like to choose e-wallets(and things of that nature). Pick an online casino on the ship that will support those options. The last thing you want is to do a deposit(or withdraw) and have it be rejected. Money, bank, and wire transfers could be another issue. The safest option is to choose a casino that has been approved by a trusted website such as Casinos Verified who have an online casino reviews page that gives you a great start to picking a casino.

4)Payments, Fees, and Deposits(Oh, My!)

You need to know what fees are attached to the deposit, withdrawals, and other payment options. Some of the fees might be very high(I mean ridiculously high). That is not something you want to deal with on a cruise ship. You are already paying a lot of money to be on the cruise ship(including the meals, accommodations, and other luxuries). You should choose another casino if that is the case. You should also be mindful of how long it takes to payout the money. Say, for example, that you have played a handful of games online. You decide to withdraw the $500 you have earned while on the cruise ship. What happens though when the money is late? You could only be on the cruise ship for ten days(or just a few). You might also be someone who is trying to win big(while on the ship) to help back some of the charges you incurred on the cruise. Hey, don’t laugh( it does happen)! The last thing you want is to have the payments coming after the fact. Make sure that the money you have coming will come ASAP. That way you can pay everything off and still have some money leftover(for the rest of the cruise).

5)Is It Mobile?

The casino on the cruise ship has to have at least one mobile feature or platform. You might want to sit in your room the whole time. I mean you do want to get some air at some point. You want to be able to stretch your legs and sit on the deck and play. That way you are not cooped up in your room all the time. You can take in the air, watch the ocean pass you by, and play some games online in Canada. Check the availability before you play. Otherwise, you will be stuck in your room the whole time(unless that is what you want, then forget what I said).


All casinos have to be user-friendly. It does not matter if you are on a cruise ship or not. The last thing you want is to start playing a game(either on a computer or mobile platform)and it starts to stall. That could spell the end of your gaming during the cruise. That will make the rest of your trip kind of grumpy. Then again, some of you might not mind. You might just want to play for a little bit and then stop. Others will want to play the whole time. It all depends on who you are. Either way, you need your platform to be user-friendly.


Okay, this is a big one. Here is the thing, you need to know which language you are working in. Most people use English in the US and Canada(though some players pick multi-language features because they know more than English). Some cruise ships offer multi-language platforms(whether you are in or out of the US and Canada). However, you need to be aware of the different ports you could be visiting. You might be playing in English, but then segway into a port that only has German(just an example). It is just something to keep in mind. You could wind up not playing for a bit(when you are in some other region and language barrier).