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The most popular activity in a casino ship is gambling. It is usually the busiest area in the late evening. The cruise casino is almost the same as those which are on land; the only difference is that they are smaller. Travelling with a cruise will make you feel at home if you are the kind of person who loves gambling as you do not have to miss the casino on the land. When it comes to the flashing lights and dinning bells are all the same as the ones found on the land. Most cruise casino rooms are the largest in the ship. In the areas with the low ceiling usually give the casino a cozy feeling. The moment you walk into the cruise casino, it changes your atmosphere, and it will make you even forget that you are on a ship. In most cases, you find that the casino will be overcrowded in the evening. It an enjoyable and festive occasion as people will be cheering while the machines produce noise, making the whole thing feel so energized. The casino is always open as long as the ship is on the sea. The first day you board the ship, most probably, you will find out that the casino will not be open, but in the evening, it will. What age is someone supposed to have to be allowed into the casino? Well, this the question that you may ask yourself. The right age that is allowed for someone to participate in casino games is usually twenty-one you must note that if you the kind of person who loves to play the casino games mostly in the morning hours the tables may not be staffed however you can play other games such as pushers or slot machines. Many cruise casino offers games such as Blackjack, Poker, among others. The following are the most popular games in a cruise casino.

Slots or pokies

Pokies or slots are the most popular casino games. The machine where players make their wager whereby they place the coin into it is known as a slot. However, in some places, it is also known as one-armed bandits. To spin the, you have to press a button or pull the lever. The players usually aim to match the colors. For you to win, you have to get a row with the same colors. In our days’ slots have moved from mechanical to digital and different elements have been added to make the game even more enjoyable. Pokies are found in different varieties and themes such as mechanical reel, Video reel, and the jackpot pokies. In recent years pokies have been evolving from one-armed bandits to the current elaborate video pokies with more than 50 pay lines and, of course, bonus features and themes. The software providers have gone the extra mile with the technology to make sure the casino players more entertained, satisfied, and wanting more. If you are planning to board a cruise soon or even shortly, make sure you go to the casino as this game will keep you entertained throughout your journey.


You cannot walk into a cruise casino and fail to play roulette. It involves the spinning wheel, a ball, and of course, a board of numbers. Usually, the players will place the bet depending on the color, number, or the group of numbers that where the ball will spot when the wheel is spin. The simpler bets do not have large payouts. This bets will be placed on either red or black or whether old or even number. For you to get large payouts, you have to take high risks, especially on the specific numbers. The roulette wheel has thirty-seven numbers that begin from zero thirty-six, where the zero is usually green while the rest of the numbers will either be red or black. If you are new and most probably planning to board a cruise soon and you have an idea of how to play the roulette, you do not have to get worried as it is very easy to learn.


Blackjack is a popular game card game, and it is played against a bank. It has been referred to as 21 games because the players have to try and get 21 cards hence the name. In this game, you do not compete with other players like the others, but instead, you compete against dealers who will also be trying to get the 21 cards also. In every round that you ply if you get cards that are close to 21 is the one who wins. However, you can bust if you have cards that are more than 21. For you to beat the bank, you have to plan your move. To increase your chances of winning, you can strategically draw, split, or double your cards.


People have enjoyed poker games for many centuries in cruise ships. It is not only one game, but it contains so many other games that usually share the same rules when being played. In this game, the players will compete among each other for them to the best type of hand and buff when the cards are not in favor of the one playing. The common types of poker you will find in a cruise ship include Texas hold ’em poker, seven-card stud poker and Omaha poker. In this game, having skill is the same as having a stroke of good luck. The poker which is very common in cruise is the Texas Hold ’em. In this game, every player usually receives two cards. Pokers are of different types. Another popular poker is video poker, which has various variations.


Baccarat is not hard to play. For you to play it, it does not require you to have any skill as it purely depends on your luck. Baccarat is a game where players have to hold the gambling card, which should be between two to three cards hands, and the winning hand is the one that is the closest to nine. Most people tend to believe that baccarat is the most popular game in the cruise casino, however, it only presents only eight per cent of all the games found in cruise casino.


This is a dice game. In this game players usually make wagers on the outcome of the roll. It can even be the series of the roll or even a pair of dice. This kind of game is very special as it boosts the social interactions among people as they enjoy rolling the dice with the rest of the people who play it. Just like the way roulette is even craps game usually depend on your luck. Craps usually have very odd bets; however, most casinos restrict them. In the cruise casino drinks are not free. In most cases, you find a bar in the center of the casino, and you can purchase to enjoy as you continue with your game. Are you planning to board a ship soon now or in a few months to come? Well, you do not have to be worried about having a long boring trip on the ship as the cruise ship casino games will keep you entertained throughout your trip.