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Download Petition for Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams, and Zephyr Teachout Download Petition for Zephyr Teachout Download Petitioning Handbook

Who can collect signatures for Zephyr Teachout?

  1. Only registered Democrats, notaries and NYC Commissioner of Deeds can collect signatures.
  2. If you are not a registered Democrat, notary or NYC Commissioner of Deeds you can help by partnering with someone who is qualified to collect signatures (e.g. driving them from house to house if in a rural area), but you cannot collect signatures on your own.
  3. If you are a notary or NYC Commissioner of Deeds and NOT a registered Democrat, you need a special petition and should contact Aly at info@zephyrforny.com.

Who can sign petitions for Zephyr Teachout?

Only signatures of registered Democrats who reside in NYS will be considered valid.

How can I get the right people to sign the petition?

  1. Ask if they are a registered Democrat.

  2. Be neat, courteous and sociable—you are more likely to get a voter to sign by being friendly.

  3. If the potential signer hasn’t decided who they are supporting in the election, that’s ok! They can vote for anyone they want on Election Day, their signature today just makes it so Zephyr’s name can appear on the ballot.

How do I make sure the signatures I collect will be considered valid?

  1. Read the petition, including the top section so you understand what you are asking people to sign.
  2. The signatures you collect must be in blue or black ink! Try to use a blue or black ball point pen.
  3. Fill in the date column on the left side of the petition BEFORE you hand over the clipboard for the registered Democrat to sign the petition. The date to the left of each signature must be the date on which the voter signed the petition.
  4. You MUST SEE every signature as it is placed on the sheet. For example, your friend cannot hold your sheet and get signatures while you are elsewhere.
  5. Instruct the signer that they only need to place their signature on the dotted line of the second column (under where it says “Name of Signer, signature required”). Never permit someone to sign for another person (e.g. a wife cannot sign for husband; parent must not sign for son or daughter). Never sign anyone else’s signature, even if he or she gives you permission to do so.
  6. Take the clipboard back and ask the signer their legal name and write it very neatly under the signature.
  7. Ask the signer their street address and write it very neatly in the address column. You do not need to write in the zip code.
  8. Never use ditto marks.
  9. Each name should be signed in full (no initials), but titles (Mrs., Mr, Dr., etc.) should not be used.
  10. Do not erase it there is an error. Even if in doubt, just neatly cross out the entire line and have the signer sign correctly on another line.
  11. If you have left the voter, you may make corrections to the date and address but you may never correct errors in the signature. Note: Any alterations to the date and address must be initialed by the witness in the left margin.
  12. For non-NYC residents, ask the signer what TOWN they live in and write it very neatly in the Town column. This column is not for their neighborhood, it specifically needs to state the Town in which they live.
  13. For NYC residents, ask the signer what County they live in and write it very neatly in the right hand column. This column is NOT for their neighborhood or Borough; it specifically needs to state the County in which they live. See list of Counties below.
    Borough County
    Brooklyn Kings
    Manhattan New York

    Staten Island Richmond

    Queens Queens
    Bronx Bronx
  14. If a mistake is made by the signer, or if the signer alters anything, make sure he/she initials the correction.
  15. Complete the witness statement at the bottom of the sheet at the end of the petitioning shift, even if you haven’t filled the sheet out fully.
  16. You cannot witness your own signature.
  17. You must never sign as the witness on a sheet obtained by someone else. Do not sign as a witness unless you personally secured all of the signatures on the sheet.
  18. Always remember to fill in the square indicating the number of signatures.
  19. Do NOT fill in where it says “Sheet No.” on the bottom right of each page.

When you have gathered petitions and want to turn them in, or if you have any questions, email Aly at info@zephyrforny.com.

Download Petition for Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams, and Zephyr Teachout Download Petition for Zephyr Teachout Download Petitioning Handbook

What are some general talking points?

  1. Zephyr is committed to taking on Trump’s corruption.
    • Zephyr has a track record of taking on Trump, and has been part of a citizens effort suing Trump over the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution (Taking gifts and bribes from foreign leaders in exchange for favors) since January 2017.
  2. Zephyr is in independent fighter with a strong grassroots base, taking on the corruption in Albany, as well as D.C.
  3. Zephyr is committed to taking on Wall Street, the big banks, and other corporate monopolies to create a justice system that works for all New Yorkers.
  4. Zephyr is committed to using the power of the Attorney General’s office to end mass incarceration in New York State, and beyond.

What should I have when I am collecting signatures?

  • Petitions
  • An appropriately sized clipboard
  • Blue and Black Pens (more than one)
  • Literature (with information about Zephyr)
  • A map of your district (especially outside NYC to help ensure the correct town or city is entered)
  • Voter registration forms (newly registered voters shouldn’t sign, but we wan’t them to vote in September)

Reminder: Neatness and legibility counts, and following petitioning regulations is crucial to avoid our hard earned signatures being disqualified on technical grounds. Thank you for your help!

Where can I return signed petitions?

BMG, Zephyr for AG,
125 Maiden Lane, Suite 308,
New York NY, 10038

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