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What to Look Out for on a Cruise Casino

One of the most popular activities when it comes to cruising is gambling in the ship’s casino. The casino can be the busiest spot in the late evening on a cruise ship. Most casinos on a cruise ship are in most ways similar to what you’ll find on land. If you love gaming, you will feel right at home on a cruise ship casino. That said, you need to know about several things before gambling on a cruise.

Cash or Cruise Card

On most cruise casinos, you can use either your cruise card or cash. When at the table, you can charge the price of the chips to your cruise card or convert your cash into chips. Most cruise ships with slot machines might only accept cruise cards. However, there are a few cruise ship casinos that accept cash only.

If you don’t have a cruise card, most ships will have an ATM where you can withdraw some money. You should also bring some bills if you are uncertain about how the chosen cruise ship works.

Age Limits

The minimum age on most cruise ships casino is 18. However, not all ships will allow you into the casino when you’re 18. Some ships like Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and Azamara have their age limits set to 21. Check the age limits of the different cruise ships before you board or pay for your vacation. If you love gambling but you are worried about the age limitations, asking your travel agent will give you some peace of mind.

Types of Machines and Tables

All cruise ship casinos will have various slot machines options, and most will have table games too. Look at the different slot machines and table games that the casinos will have to offer and only play the ones you’re good at. This will maximize your chances of winning. The wide array of games ensures that you will have a lot to enjoy.

Also, some cruise ship casinos might have tournaments that you can play throughout the cruise. These tournaments will include some famous games like blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and WPT Heads Up Hold ‘Em. These tournaments will always entertain players who are willing to rebuy continually. Check the prize pool to know whether to participate or not.

Check some buy-in options for the tournaments and the different prizes which aren’t in the pool. For example, some cruise ships can have free cruise prizes. More so, in a cruise casino, you can find some games that aren’t available on land like skill crane. In this game, you use a joystick to move the keys and push down dollar bills stacks.

Opening Time

Most cruise ships will open their casino when they are at sea. Some will open when they are in port but only in countries where gambling is allowed. Others are closed during the day to allow families to spend time together. During the night, however, opening times will vary, some will stay open until 4 a.m. Check the daily cruise schedule to know about the daily casino hours.


Cruise ships that have luxury lines will have free drinks in their casinos. In most ships, you will have to pay for your drinks like you would in the dining room or at the bar. Only pit bosses will have the authority to buy a round for the table per night. Members who have racked up enough points can also enjoy the casino loyalty program which can have free drinks. These programs will, however, require you to spend a lot of money.


Most cruise ships will allow smoking in the casino. However, it depends on the cruise line that you choose. Ships that don’t permit smoking will have signage around the casino. Asking the staff will also give you a better understanding of some regulations to abide by in the casino. You can also check with the travel agent for the cruise ship’s smoking policies.

Beginner Friendly Games

The advantage of cruise ships is that they have a convenient environment that’s beginner-friendly. If there is a game that you have always wanted to try, cruise casinos will be the perfect place. There will be different classes of table games for beginner players which will eradicate intimidation. Besides, some cruise ships will allow you to learn how to play free of charge.

Afterwards, you can play for real money and increase your chances of winning. Cruise ship casinos have a more friendly vibe. Most casino dealers will want to give you an enjoyable time by making the games more fun. For beginners, the stakes are low to allow you to learn and prevent you from losing money.

Bottom Line

Cruise ship casinos are always fun for anyone willing to have some fun. Before choosing the cruise line to travel with, learn about their offerings in the casinos. You will know about the different amenities that they might have as well as their rules. Besides, you get to ensure that you can extend the fun that you will have during the cruise.